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Frequently Asked Questions

All your answers on one page!

What is McGamerZone

McGamerZone is a Minecraft community of several custom-developed servers with lots of different gamemodes to play on, isn't that awesome?

What is The Server IP?

Add to your server-list and everything will be allright!

How do I join and play?

Step 1. (Adding us to the serverlist)
Enter the 'Multiplayer' option on your Minecraft client, and click 'Add Server' then type: into the server address.

Step 2. (Connecting to McGamerZone)
Make sure you have a stable internet connection, you should now join the server. Once in-game, you are in the login server

Step 3. (Login Server)
Here, you have to authenticate yourself, this is to ensure premium and cracked players keep their account secure.

Step 4. (Registration for new users)
To play on McGamerZone servers, you must register your Minecraft username. Simply type in the chat: /register <Your Password> <Your Password>

Step 5. (Hub servers)
Congratulations! You made it through to the hub server. A hub is a place where you can join the unique gamemodes we host.

Step 6. (Selecting a gamemode)
There are 2 ways to join a gamemode:

  • Go to a portal and click a server sign
  • Right-click on the compass in your inventory (server selector) and choose your favorite gamemode to start your journey.

Is it Free to Play?

Yes! McGamerZone is 100% free and it will always be. We appreciate and love users (and we deeply say that from the bottom of our hearts) that want to help support the community by donating for a rank and/or in-game items (Kits). We work extremely hard to ensure that as much free players can play as possible.

What are the Server Rules?

You can see all our server rules on the rules page! Please note that we reserve the right to change the rules without further notice, it's highly recommended and your own responsibility to frequently check the rules.

What is Bad Sport System (BSS)?

BSS is a fully automated punishment and violation tracking system. It allows us to build easily keep track of the server rules a player violates and automatically adjusts the punishment based on the players history.

What are Bad Sport Points (BSP)?

Bad Sport Points are the points we use to measure the weight of a users violation, the more BSP a player has the heavier the punishment will be, BSP decays over time as long as a player doesn't violate the rules.

I donated for something, when do I get it?

Once the donation has been received you should get your items in game within 10 minutes, ranks and other permission related items will be given once you pass a hub, they are being synchronized so please allow our systems up to 5 minutes after passing the hub. If you have any issues regarding this matter please create a Support Ticket

Can I transfer my rank and/or items?

We currently allow rank transfers to be requested trough support tickets. When you request a rank transfer you will receive a series of questions to ensure you are indeed who you say you are and that you have a valid reason to transfer the rank to another account.

You cannot transfer your rank to an account owned by another person, only to your own new or alternate account.
When approved we will only transfer the rank, not your stats, inventory content or anything else.

Please note: Rank transfers for namechanges with Minecraft premium accounts are free for one time, any future requests or requests that do not come with a Minecraft premium account namechange come with a administration fee of €2,49.

What methods of donating do you accept?

Our 2 payment gateways are PayPal and PaymentWall, through PaymentWall you can pay with a lot of payment "gateways", also a lot of country based payment methodes are accepted. Check the checkout page to see what methodes are enabled in your country.

What do I get when I donate to McGamerZone?

For a full list of everything you would get just click here.

Are you working on new gamemodes?

Yes! We’re always thinking about new ideas and games to create, however we don’t announce which minigames are being released until we know a true date. You can expect more awesome gamemodes soon!

I can't connect, what's wrong?

There are two ways to check the status of McGamerZone, you can either scroll down to the bottom of the website to view the player-count or select the 'Server Status' on the website navigation bar. We will usually notify you on the homepage if the server is under maintenance, however in an unlikely event of a server crash, please wait up to 20 minutes before informing us through a Support Ticket.

How do I request an unban?

To request an unban you need to create an unban ticket on our Support ticket system, alternatively you might want to buy a one time unban.
Please note: that we keep evidence for bans only for 2 weeks, if you create an unban request later then that we will always declare the ban as valid.

Someone was rulebreaking, how do i report it?

Please report any Abuse, Hackers and Rules Breakers in a Support ticket with screenshots or video proof we so we can be sure.

I want to be a staffmember! How can i apply?

You can create a staff application by creating a Support Ticket

However, there are some requirements you must meet before you decide to apply (And include them in your staff application).

ProTip: You can increase the chance to be picked by reporting rulebreakers and hackers
If your application meets the requirements, we may discuss your application and come to the conclusion of either accepting or rejecting you.
If you get accepted, we will do a voice interview with you to get to know you better and explain how everything works.
Asking a staff member to vote for you or look into a staff application for you will get your application instantly rejected

How do I get the YouTube rank?

Youtube Rank is given to active youtubers who do regular video's on or about McGamerZone and her services. You can be awarded one from our side or you can apply for it by creating a ticket in our support center. Please do note that if you have less then 500 subscribers you will have no chance of receiving the rank. All requests for youtuber rank are manually moderated and will be reviewed based on the current content, the amount of subscribers, the quality of the video's and the avarage amount of views you get on each video.
The rank is designed to help both you and us to grow in players and viewers and it contains some exciting donator features. (Isn't that nice?)

Please note: We are allowed to remove the rank at any time for any reason.

Can I build a map for one of your gamemodes?

Absolutely! If you build a map for one of our gamemodes you can submit it to be reviewed in our forum! Please refer to this forum to see how to post your maps and which forum is best suited.

Why would I make a ticket if i could just tell it ingame?

How can I register an account on the server?

You can register an account simply by joining the server with a new (cracked) username. The server will automatically recognize if you are already registered or not and ask you to either login or set a password for the new account. When registered we highly recomend to finish your registration on the website to enable aditional (security) features.

How do I use message markup on the website?

There are 3 types of markup that are available on our website, these are BBCode, Emoji and References.

References are used to refer to a different page, these can be webpages or users on our server. If you wish to refer to a webpage you can simply paste the url into a message box. Our website will automatically recognize this as a url and add a link to it, alternatively you can add the url trough the bbcode editor.

You can simply refer to another user by typing "@(Username)" whilst replacing (Username) with the users ingame name. You can only refer to a registered McGamerZone account, this means that you cannot refer to any random username or mojang account.

BBCode is a language that allows you to format your text messages with colors and font-markup (Such as bold, itallic, underlined and striketrough text). BBCode isn't complicated to learn but if you don't wish to learn it you don't need to do so. All places where you can post something are equipped with a bbcode editor that allows you to mark-up your text as simple you are writing a word-document.

Emoji are small images that allow you to show your feelings with a simple short phrase. Emoji will automatically be added to your post when you use one of the trigger words.

See the reference table below to learn what Emoji are available for use on our website.


Main trigger

Alternate triggers

:numb: O.O | O_O | -_-
:devil: :evil:
:sad: :(
:dead: :death:
:derp: -_- | -.-
:sleeping: :zzz: | :sleep:
:wink: ;) | (;
:smile: :) | :-)
:bigsmile: :D
:teeth: :tooth:
:love: <3