We released SurvivalGames and NanoBattles BETA! - To version 1.11!


Spotlight ChaosPvP Event

@Kianos and @ScapeX will be hosting a ChaosPvP round-robin based tournament. Round-robin is a tournament in which each competitor plays in turns against every other. The participants will have the opportunity to earn incredible prizes!

How it works:
  • There will be 4 groups, with all contestants evenly split amongst these.
  • Every Player will play against each other in his/hers group twice.
  • Each victory shall be awarded three points.
  • Two finalists will be chosen from each group, based on the amount of points they earn. All other fighters in the group will be knocked out of the tournament, but still receive a participation prize.
  • The two finalists from every group will be facing each other in the knockouts.
  • The knockouts will feature fights for the Quarter-finals, Semi-finals and Grand Finale.
  • The Grand Champion of the tournament will receive a significant reward!

If the number of contestants greatly exceeds the anticipated amount, the structure of the Tournament may be altered!


  1. Getting Knocked out in Groups: $500
  2. Getting Knocked out in Knockout Stages: $1000
  3. For every win in knockout stage: $200
  4. For topping your Group: $2000
  5. For being the runner-up in your Group: $1000
  6. For winning the competition: $15000 and a P4 diamond armour set
  7. For being the runner-up: $10000
  8. For coming 3rd place: $5000

All prize funds are paid out in ChaosPvP money, kindly sponsored by @HetIsJoey !

To apply for participation, post a comment on this forum topic containing:
   ´╗┐Discord Tag:
   ´╗┐A motivational message for every other contestant. (Could be as simple as Good luck!)

This competition is to engage the community with each other and to have fun!
We are looking forward to your applies.

The best fighter is never angry.
   ´╗┐   ´╗┐   ´╗┐~LaoZi
Posted by xiTzMickx, Sunday 21 May 2017 10:34 - 23 Comments
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Hello @Guest,

We are re-designing some things here at McGamerZone, as you might have seen with the lobby update from a little while ago. Apart from our awesome new lobby we also have some awesome new plans for our servers infrastructure (sounds complicated? Well it is..). Hosting a server like McGamerZone comes with a lot of challenges and things we need to think about, questions like "how do we get the best performance" and "how do we create an awesome and refreshing network" are very hot topics here. And we think we may have found the answer for atleast one of those.

Tomorrow morning at 11AM CEST (Central European Summer Time) all our services (Yes, all of them... Website, teamspeak and Minecraft) will go down for movement to a new physical location (About 100ft from the old one).

Details for the nerds:
McGamerZone was originally designed to be the next big thing, a large server with thousands of players (yeye we know, it worked out quite different). But with this big expectations also came a big design. As we designed the infrastructure of McGamerZone (back in 2014-2015, pho long time ago) we where not as familiar with server technologies as we are today. We then thought that we needed as much as 10 Dedicated server, a server for offsite backups incase something happens in our main location.. And that we could do it all by installing on the hardware directly without virtualizing anything. But that all turned out as a bit of a joke..

Of the 10 dedicated servers we originally had with the release of McGamerZone, only 6 remain these days (We had 7 until today, now we have 6). This is mainly a choice we made based on the terrible income we get from the server, most of the things are being paid out of our own pockets, but it is also based on the knowledge we know have. About getting performance out of every part of the server. Our 1.11 servers run almost twice as good and smooth as the original 1.7/1.8 servers we had. And we innovated a lot since the original designs for the network.

Yeah, great story.. But what exactly is changing?
Well, combined with tomorrows move we will obtain the possibility to remotely access our physical servers even when they are turned off. With this also comes the option to remotely re-install the servers at any given moment. We will later be installing virtualisation software (VMWare ESXI) to the machines to allow us to scale and move parts of the network around without any problems or issues. Minimise the risk and maximise the performance.

The original design:

The current design:

And then finally the new design:

As you can see we are about to change a lot on how our servers network and infrastructure is being made. This can and will require a lot of partial downtime in the next couple of weeks. But rest assured, all of it will be better when we're done. We will also continue to update the servers to 1.11 compatibility in the next couple of weeks.

Yours sincerely,

The McGamerZone Development Team
@D0ublek1ll, @xiTzJardix, @thijs_a, @iGufGuf, @HetIsJoey & @robpizza...
Posted by xiTzMickx, Thursday 11 May 2017 21:11 - 39 Comments
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Hello @Guest,

We are very happy that the 1.11 servers are working great. Although we do have some issues with The Bridge and ChaosPvP those servers will be up as soon as possible.
Friend system is still disabled on the 1.11 servers and will get back next week.

To celebrate this we are running a 40% sale until 12-04-2017 on all ranks!

All hub vanity items that you previously had will be refunded in the form of pizzaboxes.

Edit: Also /r is broken (Only on 1.11 servers) and we are aware of that. 

More pizzas more fun!

Yours sincerely,

The Development team
@iGufGuf, @thijs_a, @HetIsJoey, @xiTzJardix & @D0ublek1ll...
Posted by xiTzJardix, Sunday 9 April 2017 03:11 - 27 Comments
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´╗┐Hello @Guest,

The past few weeks we have been dropping silent hints about an update to Minecraft 1.11. Well, I'm glad to announce that the 1.11 update is finally at our doorstep knocking on the door waiting to get in. After a lot of coding, testing, more coding and more testing we have achieved that moment on which we will try to update the live servers.

More details about what gets updated are below!

But there is something important with this update! Since the release of McGamerZone in begin of 2016 we have been learning a lot of new things and have redesigned almost everything behind the scenes. This may cause some issues whilst updating, therefore we will not update everything at once.

The 1.11 update of McGamerZone adds backwards compatibility all the way from version 1.8. This means that you can use MC 1.8 - MC 1.11.2 to join the server. This allows us to leave some servers running at 1.8 whilst others will run 1.11.

During this update these gamemodes/minigames/servers will be updated to 1.11 directly:
- Hub/Lobby (Suprisingly big update)

You can expect these gamemodes/minigames/servers to update the next day:
- ChaosPvP

You can expect these gamemodes/minigames/servers to update the next week:
- The Bridge
- Survival
- SurvivalGames (Release)
- NanoBattles (Public beta release)
- SkyWars

All the other servers/gamemodes/minigames will remain untouched for now, however, you can expect us to update/revamp most of them as soon as possible.

We will start the update at 22:00 CEST and we will end soon after.
You can follow the real time progress of the update at

Yours sincerely,

The Development team
@iGufGuf, @thijs_a, @HetIsJoey, @xiTzJardix & @D0ublek1ll...
Posted by xiTzMickx, Saturday 8 April 2017 20:55 - 53 Comments
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Hello Guest,

It is already a month past since we have last reset our montly vote list.
As you (may) know our "Top 5" voters receive a monthly reward for their contribution to our server.

Here are the top voters of March:
#1 - @HordesofHell (244 Votes)
#2 - @Kianos (224 Votes)
#3 - @BramTheMiner (170 Votes)
#4 - @SAGITARIOIII_B3 (158 Votes)
#5 - @Samzystar (151 Votes)

They will receive their rewards shortly!

Happy voting!

D0ublek1ll - Mick
Owner and founder of
Posted by xiTzMickx, Saturday 1 April 2017 00:01 - 6 Comments
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Hello Guest,

It is already a month past since we have last reset our montly vote list.
As you (may) know our "Top 5" voters receive a monthly reward for their contribution to our server.

Here are the top voters of February:
#1 - @Kianos (228 Votes)
#2 - @HordesofHell (220 Votes)
#3 - @SAGITARIOIII_B3 (219 Votes)
#4 - @iKerzay (155 Votes)
#5 - @BramTheMiner (148 Votes)

They will receive their rewards shortly!

Happy voting!

D0ublek1ll - Mick
Owner and founder of
Posted by xiTzMickx, Wednesday 1 March 2017 12:01 - 9 Comments
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