We released TheBridge and Survival! - To version 1.11!

Announcement We added more pizzas! + Sale!
Hello @Guest,

We are very happy that the 1.11 servers are working great. Although we do have some issues with The Bridge and ChaosPvP those servers will be up as soon as possible.
Friend system is still disabled on the 1.11 servers and will get back next week.

To celebrate this we are running a 40% sale until 12-04-2017 on all ranks!

All hub vanity items that you previously had will be refunded in the form of pizzaboxes.

Edit: Also /r is broken (Only on 1.11 servers) and we are aware of that. 

More pizzas more fun!

Yours sincerely,

The Development team
@iGufGuf, @thijs_a, @HetIsJoey, @xiTzJardix & @D0ublek1ll
Posted by xiTzJardix, Sunday 9 April 2017 03:11

Apr 9, 2017


Apr 9, 2017
XD nice joey


Apr 9, 2017
i had entire hub unlocked including pets,particles,armors,hats & everything, will that be refunded free? or will i find them again eventually on pizza boxes 😟


Apr 9, 2017
^ #OnlyG0dPvPProblems

Also, @xiTzJardix & @D0ublek1ll , I had 6,000 gems previously and no one told me that you would be getting rid of gems completely...

If I had known, I would have bought fun gadgets with them first :/

Can/will gems also be refunded in the form of tokens or gadgets? (ex. 30 gems = 10 fleshhooks, I'd be happy to get 2,000 fleshhooks for my 6,000 gems XD )


Apr 9, 2017
my items are gone :<


Apr 9, 2017

This is horrible... all my hats, pets, gadgets, everything is gone.  The pizza boxes you get in return give you 1/100 of the items you had before. Its not fair to everyone who had every single thing in the game... it barely refunds anything.


Apr 9, 2017
Guys take it easy. All the old vanity items (like gems, wardrope & gadgetammo, ect) will be refunded in the form of pizzaboxes. They aren't lost forever they will just be given a little later!!!


Edited: Apr 9, 2017
Ahem ahem , its 'Although' .
Not 'Altough".


Apr 9, 2017
what about the bridges? its offline any news when it will be open again?


Apr 9, 2017
dammit.......welp gotta go play 1.11 survival let's play.....(4 hours later)already got full diamond set and also diamond sword with fire aspect......(⌐■_■)..........(minecraft is too easy that's why i play on servers ಠ_ಠ)


Apr 9, 2017
Phew decided to use all my tokenbombs yesterday


Apr 9, 2017
Token bombs oh wait! Robpizza bought "144" token bombs RIP him?


Edited: Apr 9, 2017
thats not a big deal @Crysisaverted I bought 143Tokenbombs 2 days ago..
Thats over 280k tokens.

And yes @lolld

Soo Sorry everyone.. right now there isn't a big party anymore ;(


Apr 9, 2017
@robpizza ;( lets hope you will get your token bombs back <3


Edited: Apr 9, 2017
well , you should get them back , it's unfair to lose 280k+tokens while you didn't use them in anything


Apr 9, 2017
ai @robpizza dat is zwaar kut..... beter krijg je ze terug van mick of jardy lol


Apr 9, 2017
@SkullReloaded I hope I'll vet them back I bought them for my special event. I geus being patient is the best for now.

@_held_op_sokken_ jah ik hoop het wel indd ;(

Grammr sucks bcs this message is send from my crapPhone 😁


Apr 9, 2017
@robpizza xD ohh en kan je ff voor mij kijken voor hoelang ik nog gemute ben? :v


Apr 9, 2017
Kun je volgensmij zelf zien als je een chat bericht wilt versturen ingame. @_held_op_sokken_


Apr 10, 2017
GG,i hope i can get my stuffs back soon


Apr 10, 2017
@robpizza dat kon dus niet maar mees zij mij dat ik om half 1 weer kon chatten dus dat is mooi <3 toch bedankt man 


Apr 10, 2017
@iGufGuf, @thijs_a, @HetIsJoey, @xiTzJardix & @D0ublek1ll good job guys :} {Jay}{Mc}{ZombieJayN}


Apr 14, 2017
Hey check my ticket in acc : luisseg please


Apr 16, 2017
So i only got 2 damn pizza boxes for like 10 or 15 gadgets.. BOOOO i spent time trying to get that


Apr 19, 2017
@D0ublek1ll do you have a specific date on when we are getting our vanity huh items back? Because like @G0dpvp I had all the vanity huh items as well 


Apr 21, 2017

Apr 27, 2017
still waiting for the pizza box refund 


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