We released TheBridge and Survival! - To version 1.11!

Spotlight TheBridge + SurvivalGames + Survival updates

Hello @Guest,

Well, it took longer then expected! Way longer! But then here we are, we finally have TheBridge fully 1.11 ready! We were certainly not sitting still here at McGamerZone because we also have a brand new TheBridge Map (SteamPunk, screenshot below). And some updates for Survival and SurvivalGames.

TheBridge 1.11:
About 2 months ago we updated our network to version 1.11 compatibility. But what is 1.11 support without our biggest and most loved game being supported there?? Well, basically its nothing.. And yes, it sure took longer then expected but here it is. More awesomer then ever.

TheBridge 1.11 is not the first and certainly not the last game that we update to 1.11 support. As some of you may be familiar with already, we updated the ways of selecting the team and some basic mechanics of the game. So it runs smoother and is in-line with the other parts of our network. An exact changelog of the update to 1.11 is down below. We will add 1.12 support as soon as possible. 

+ New Lobby inventory with new kit & team selector menu's.
+ Updated all kit descriptions
+ New map (SteamPunk)
+ Better performance
+ The ability to use gameversions from 1.8.0 all the way up to 1.11.2
+ A lot more awesomeness
* Stats reset (Yes, thats right, sorry for the ones that didn't want this. Everyone kept their kits though).


SurvivalGames Deathmatch Update:
As some of you might know, we had a lot of issues with the SurvivalGames deathmatch (Causing lag and such). That lag has now been fixed, which is a real advancement. The current situation of the deathmatch start is not ideal (yet), but we will improve this shortly and cover that in the next big newspost!

- Removed in-map deatchmatch system
+ Added DeathMatch Map system!
+ Some other minor fixes


Survival Update:
In our previous newspost I wrote a little piece that looked an aweful lot like this:

As a final note for survial: Survival will actually drop support for minecraft 1.8 once we update The Bridge to minecraft 1.11. Currently we cannot allow users to use the elytra yet, this is because it will not work when there are people on version 1.8 online. Because we (And most others) think that the elytra is an awesome addition to minecraft survival we will make survival only playable for versions 1.9.*, 1.10.* and 1.11.*.

Well, since TheBridge is now updated to 1.11 we now have Elytra's!

- Removed 1.8.* support
+ Added Elytra's to the game!

About ACS:
Yeah, ACS.. AntiCheatSystem, some of you hate it, some of you love it and realize that it actually does a lot.. We updated it again, this time stabelizing the speed/fly and nofall checks. So ACS should be a bit better again. 

For those of you who didn't know it yet... Mojang also started their war against Hacked Clients. They issued copyright takedowns against various major Hacked Clients last week! Keep up the good work Mojang, help us in the war against the hackers!

I hope you like the updates. We have more of them coming soon!

Yours sincerely,

xiTzMickx & The McGamerZone development team
Posted by xiTzMickx, Thursday 22 June 2017 16:01

Jun 22, 2017
Pretty cool! Huh! xD



Jun 22, 2017
I like it


Jun 22, 2017
Dank work Dev team!.
Also massive shoutout to @HetisJoey for the acs.
Life is so much easier for us all cuz of it.
We all luv u <3


Jun 22, 2017


Jun 22, 2017
sikk update 👌🏼


Jun 22, 2017
I'm gonna act like i didn't already know about these updates

GJ new stuff wohoo !


Jun 22, 2017
<3 this updated but kinda sad because my stats gone ;(


Edited: Jun 22, 2017
MY #$+∆+$ :v


Jun 22, 2017
Such an amazing update! Now that the stats have reset I can finally have fun killing people


Jun 22, 2017
@xiTzMickx fixing ChaosPvP next please? ^-^


Jun 23, 2017
RIP my stats 


Jun 23, 2017


Edited: Jun 24, 2017
New tb isnt nice guys. Where is the old good tb? Full of players who are trying to damage the nexus? All now have gone. Tb isnt anymore the clasic nice game.
I have join on this server only for the tb and now i dont like the game who i got on No1 of best minecraft games.
Please replace back the Old Maps with old stats and kits. Dont do fast all this updates. The players say on the hubs bad thinks for the new tb. Ranked and none ranked players want back the old map.
I think i will be the only one who will say what i want and i will not be fake like others. I say my true and im waiting and all of u to say what really think. 
MGZ do too much updates and too much player dont like it. Ask from all what they really want. Try for something who the bigest number of the players want. Dont work without see what the players really like and want.
That i have to say. I know. More player will not like with more thinks of this message but that is what i have to say. If u didnt like it, it is ok. I will not apolog.. to everyone. If any other want to say or ask me something pm in game time or on discord or here.
Sorry for my Bad English. But im just a player from Greece who got a small problem with disl....

Thank you for reading my ticket.



Jun 24, 2017


Jun 24, 2017
@ELLADARAS You know no maps are being removed, right? You just get new maps. If any are lacking atm, it's a bug. Not the way TB is.


Edited: Jun 24, 2017
Simon Says:

@ELLADARAS To much update is FUN, This is the year MGZ makes the server shine like a star. But the new maps are being different compare to the old maps. But i agree with you because the old times there are less HACKERS . But everything needs to have CHANGES, Becauase this is not Wal-Craft or SpecialCraft this is MGZ


Jun 24, 2017
First. @Kianos i know the server have not remove the old map.
Second other player eho i dont know.
Can you say to me how many years you play on this community? Make a comment down and i will say you something.

Thank you for reading this comment.
Please make a comment down.



Jun 24, 2017
dWoo woo :v The kit Spy in TB kill me cuz invisible only for 10 sec for evert changre :v


Jun 24, 2017


Jun 25, 2017
Kit spy is already OP 


Jun 25, 2017
On the Spy kit they have remove more second and we want them back xD


Jun 25, 2017
No no, 10 seconds are enough for kit spy in my pov


Jun 25, 2017


Jun 26, 2017
Uh, this whole update would be great and stuff if only my Minecraft wasn't broken...
Not complaining but....


Jun 29, 2017
Buy a new one?


Jun 30, 2017
My name is Jeff....


Jul 3, 2017
Guys how can i buy kits?


Jul 12, 2017
@themanner16 but I poor af
Like seriously i haf like 2 pennys in ma pockit ples gif moolah
i beg..


Jul 12, 2017

Sep 18, 2017
@ELLADARAS Sorry for the late comment. *lies*

I'm @Lizoo123 and this SimonSays account is just my 2nd account. Pufff.


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