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Spotlight My last newspost - Time for a new generation
Hey Guys,

You my have guessed it from the title... You may have seen it on discord or here on the website.. but let me confirm it for you.
It is with great sadness that I announce to you that this will be my very last newspost on this website because I am resigning. And so is @xiTzJardix.

We have found 2 new and amazing owners that will keep on going and running the community for you (@voodootje0 and @Gunfire) and I hope they will make our visions for McGamerZone come true.

Let me get back in time for a little bit.
I started with a Minecraft server called specialcraft back in 2011 (Minecraft 1.8 beta), back in those days it was a lot of fun for me and my friends.. That server was essentially a friends only server but that that soon escalated into a server for everyone. I've never really liked the game minecraft but I loved managing a server, and as the time continued that server got a lot bigger and became more of a "company". With a lot of customers and a small team of staff that took care of them. As time passed and we hit the 780 players on Specialcraft back in 2014, I'd started seeing the server as a obligation instead of a hobby, and that is where it stopped being fun for me.

Ofcourse I met Jardi and things got awesome again, for a little while. Until we released McGamerZone and our dreams collapsed. We've always thought about McGamerZone as the next big thing, but in reality.. it was just another minecraft server where a lot of things didn't go as they should have. And altough Jardi and I had a strong vision about how to move forward, things never really seemed to work out the way we expected it, and that made it very hard for us to keep going. And we have, for a long time.

As you may tell by the year I told you in the begin of this long and boring news post, I have been managing and owning minecraft servers for more then 6 years now, I am 21 years old and I think its time for me to move on.

At this point I do not think that I will ever return to owning or managing a Minecraft server, and In about 2 weeks I will be gone from the minecraft community. If you wish to tell my anything or stay in touch you can join me on my new discord server. I will no longer stay involved with the development of McGamerZone so if you have questions about those things please create a #ticket on the website here.

As last I would like to thank a bunch of people for helping Jardi and I to develop McGamerZone over the years. @brendsimons for starting this project with me and @xiTzJardix. And ofcourse @xiTzJardix for being an awesome co-owner and friend to me for all that time. @Xxisee for helping us out as an Admin and manager of the build team. @Albatross_ for helping us with managing the staff team and taking a lot of boring work of our hands. @thijs_a for joining the development team back in 2014 and not leaving until now. @iGufGuf for helping us with everything, you did a lot for us and I won't forget that! @HetIsJoey for helping with everything, being a friend and not giving us pizza. and at last @_TJ04_ for being our flashing red staffmember (Joining and leaving multiple times), and being just an amazing Admin for a very long time.

Furthermore I ofcourse want to thank everyone else who has helped us and stood by our side over all those years of managing servers. I won't forget youguys but your names are simply to much to all write down here .

So this is me signing off, I wish you all the best of luck and a very enjoyable life!

Yours sincerely,

Mick de Jong (@xiTzMickx)
Founder of 
Posted by xiTzMickx, Sunday 10 September 2017 12:29

Edited: Sep 10, 2017
Goodluck for your future Mick, I will definitely miss you and all those memories I had when you were owner! 


Sep 10, 2017
We will miss you Mick... You'll never be forgotten.


Sep 10, 2017
You will be missed, @xiTzMickx and @xiTzJardix.


Edited: Sep 10, 2017
Thank you for everything @xiTzMickx and @xiTzJardix, You will be missed!


Edited: Sep 10, 2017
Goodbye @xiTzMickx... We will miss you. Good old days...
Your post brings my memories back...

MGZ has the most interesting and fun game-modes (for me). I am sad to see you leaving...

Have a good day @xiTzMickx...

I will always remember you... @xiTzMickx & @xiTzJardix...
Hope you can come back in somedays...


Sep 10, 2017
I cri evrry tiem 


Sep 10, 2017
GL M8 Cya in the future (if u came back )


Edited: Sep 10, 2017
Thanks a lot for your beautiful words, terrible to accept that you (Mick, Jardi and Thijs) will retire... But I think we all understand the choice.

As Marcus said: Sad to see you leaving..

You will be missed!! 😢


Sep 10, 2017
I Hope U Have Fun In Your Life My Mate!U Did So Much For Us By Playing MGZ And SpecialCraft That Was Such A Memorable Moments!


Sep 10, 2017


Sep 10, 2017


Sep 10, 2017
Goodbye and hope we can meet again. Thanks for making this awesome server!@xiTzMickx &@xiTzJardix


Sep 10, 2017
you might be missed mick,jardi and thijs..

hmm flashing red staff member :o i like the sound of that


Sep 10, 2017
the end of an era and the beginning of a new one, all the best @xiTzMickx and @xiTzJardix


Sep 10, 2017


Edited: Sep 10, 2017
Thanks for everything @xiTzMickx @xiTzJardix @thijs_a .


Sep 10, 2017
Goodbye Mick, Jardi and Thijs! It is sad to see you leave, but of course it is also important to move on. I had an amazing time with you and wish you all the best of luck for the future! I would like to thank you for always putting the utmost effort into the server and trying to make it enjoyable for everyone! You will be missed <3


Sep 10, 2017
😞 Thank You for everything @xiTzMickx and @xiTzJardix, WE HOPE TO SEE YOU GUYS IN THE FUTURE! YOU WILL BE MISSED You guys were/are the best owners 😞


Edited: Sep 10, 2017
You will be missed @xiTzMickx and @xiTzJardix


Sep 10, 2017
Kut Mick


Sep 10, 2017
Good luck Mick!


Sep 10, 2017
bai. :O


Sep 10, 2017
Man... 2011.

And I've been with you guys for less than an year. Don't know how you did it, but in that short period you managed to become a sizeable part of my daily life.

Thank you. For the laughs around the staff chats. For the heart-racing moments of reading those promotion announcements. For all the fun I've had in the server and for all the awesome people I found in this community.

You won't be missed nor forgotten by me - I don't intend to lose touch with you guys at all.


Sep 10, 2017
Goodbye <3

Thanks for creating and upkeeping this server for us for so long, we'll never forget you, the creators of MGZ!

and good luck to the new owners!


Sep 10, 2017
Goodbye @xiTzMickx and @xiTzJardix.. You will be missed.Thank You for everything.I think im the only one who u will not miss.Anyways good luck with ur life c:


Edited: Sep 10, 2017
I've given my fairwells on discord, but here it is again.

On behalf of the team and community, thank you, thank you, thank you @xItzMickx, @xItzJardix, @thijs_a! You guys fought hard to bring the server where it is today, and never gave up till the end. You taught the staff the meaning of hard work and dedication and spread a great message to the server. Memories will never be lost and the legacy will continue. ~ It's time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I'd much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure. 

Moments that couldn't have been possible without the server:   


Sep 10, 2017
Goodbye mick and jardi (and thijs ofc) , you will be missed ;(


Sep 10, 2017
Hee das pech Mick als owner weg :O Haha nee grapje jammer dat mgz weg gaat doeii


Sep 10, 2017
@xiTzMickx , @xiTzJardix , GG guys, so I see its the end of your career  
I've enjoyed playing on this server A LOT, even I've enjoyed being banned and fighting to get unbanned >,< 
You'll never forget yo boiz 


Sep 10, 2017
I will miss the Inspiration of my SKin @xItzMickx and a frnd @xItzJardix


Sep 10, 2017
No problem @xItzMickx No need to feel too sad, it's just a game. Well at least you have an idea on how a company is managed, you can actually make a company for yourself, but this time it will mean business. 



Because there will be a new generation to look forward to..

Who knows, maybe these 2 new owners are actually something..


@xItzMickx I will send a pizza delivery to your doorstep for free, so cheer up.


Sep 10, 2017

Sep 10, 2017
33rd! Yes I'm very early. Ah the days when Mick gave free stuff on Factions and that one game of TB where Mick brought his sister and I gave my full dia armor just for her lol. Anyways good luck for your future @xItzMickx

@xiTzJardix even though you didn't interact much with the players, We'll still miss you. I'll always remember the times when you were just randomly flying in the lobbies and having fun (i guess) and only talk to the ppl who knew dutch. Goodluck for your future Jardi 

Ah I'm a steve again.... 


Sep 10, 2017
Good luck, Mick and Jardi!


Sep 10, 2017
I was too emotional to comment on this earlier but I think I'm okay now! I'd like to personally thank Mick and Jardi for the great experiences they've given me and my friends on the MGZ Network (and all the pizza).

I hope all the best on your futures.
You guys being forgotten is like pizza not being eaten, it's not a matter of case here so no need to say "You wont be forgotten"!!!


Edited: Sep 11, 2017
What a journey it has been for MGZ, all I can say is in my opinion your decision is the best choice for you guys and the community. Good luck for the future!

Here is a collection of moment from SC, WC, AND MGZ hope you enjoy <3,,,,,,,,,,,


Sep 11, 2017
The old Wal-craft for the game Prison. The most popular game in these server. When open McGamerZone all over.


Sep 11, 2017
Goodbye <3 

Gracias por crear y mantener este servidor para nosotros durante tanto tiempo, nunca olvidaremos, los creadores de MGZ! 

y buena suerte a los nuevos propietarios!

 0 0 1 0

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Sep 11, 2017
Cya  mick, we will miss ya😢


Sep 11, 2017


Sep 11, 2017
Its been 3-4 years on this server and 2 years on this site and if enjoyed every time on it though there was a time where i got bored of minecraft and left for 1.5 years. i have played with 1 and seen the other a few times both were good with the community. I hope this server progresses further with the new owners and after a few years you comeback to this server and say "wow this was the server we had between out friends" You both will be missed and i hope you both have a brighter future.

P.S i didnt know you were D0ubleK1ll untill a few months ago... bcz of the break i took...


Sep 11, 2017
Well... farewell Mick and Jardi I guess...
Well I hope you two have a nice life after MGZ. I would thank you with all my heart for creating this wonderful community, without MGZ, I wouldn't have had so many friends in, like discord, even though so many are retarted (see also, mirrored) To me, mgz means alot because its the one server ive been loyal to since mid walcraft era, and its grown to me to more than just a gaming server. No matter how people look down on MGZ, please understand that everyone, EVERYONE appreciates what you have done for everyone - this amazing server with a loving community. So good luck on your life Mick and Jardi, aswell as the new owners on continuing what the original owners have done.


Sep 12, 2017
Goodbye @xiTzMickx and @xiTzJardix , I miss you all, even though I'm no longer playing on MGZ...
I don't have much to say. You care about what we appreciate, your creativity inspires our imagination. That's why people like you, that's why I love the Minecraft community.
Anyways, you did a great job on this awesome server, it has been a good run. Farewell and good luck for your future, continue the awesomeness!


Sep 12, 2017
Not sad , not happy

But empty ...

Gonna missed you alot  @xiTzMickx and @xiTzJardix


Sep 12, 2017
My tears dropped when i read this..


Sep 13, 2017
well,see ya and thanks for the unbans and thanks for not accepting my helper  

anyways,gl in rl mai bro
see yah :3


Sep 16, 2017
Just visited today to see great news but was opposite. But still excited seeing the new owners and I hope they will make the community to the top. Why the word "End" exist? My tears are shredding like a paper filled with memories that will be never last. 


Sep 16, 2017
We Will Miss You Both!
Good Luck In Your Life!


Sep 17, 2017
Thank you for everything, we'll miss you a lot.     :'(


Sep 18, 2017


Sep 19, 2017
When truth hurts  Image


1 day ago.
Hey @xiTzMickx ur going its too sad i will miss you  but unban me and everyone....pls 


13 hours ago.
I might be very late.. but farewell sir @xiTzMickx  and @xitzjardix


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