We released TheBridge and Survival! - To version 1.11!

TeamSpeakĀ³ - Join in!
TeamSpeak allows you to talk, chat and laugh with eachother, we use it all the time to talk with players and fellow staffmembers.

Do you want know the best part? It is public: You can just join the server and start talking.. To us, to your friends, to fellow players. Just connect and join a channel, it is as simple as that.
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Why we use TeamSpeak
We don't just like TeamSpeak, we love it!

Teamspeak allows us to talk and chat with eachother, that is no secret to anyone. But skype can do the same, right? Well, we think skype doesn't even come close to that! If you read on we can explain why..

Skype v/s TeamSpeak
We get a lot of players that think that TeamSpeak is no other then Skype, except that you cannot send messages to users which are not online. Well, this is not true. TeamSpeak is made for gamers where Skype was made for enterprises.

You can see the differences right away in the concept of both platforms. Where skype users need to answer a call in one of those annoying pop-up boxes which do minimize your game whilst it is on full-screen teamspeak allows you to just go in a channel and wait for the others to connect and join the channel. TeamSpeak also doesn't stop when your call-host quits the call and it doesn't drops everyones quality when one of the persons in a channel has a below average internet connection.

Another reason why we use teamspeak is because it is manageble, not just for the server managers but also for the users. You can block/mute other users, add them as friend, send pm's and much more. In our opinion: TeamSpeak is for the Better.