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A Minecraft community with a passion for the impossible.

Welcome to,
McGamerzone is a 24/7 online minecraft community ran with love by D0ublek1ll and xiTzJardix. We love to build, create and share in minecraft. Thats why we found McGamerZone.

Our servers are running on High-End hardware to ensure you get the best quality and connection possible, because of that we are able to handle more than 3000 players at once.
We are running some of our own minigames, like The Bridge, Survival Games, PartyGames, SkyWars, Factions and much more (to come)!

You are on the right place here.

That's !

Hello @Guest,

As many of you guys know we had problems with sending validation emails for quite some time now.
But finally we have fixed this issue, due to some migrations and other internal changes nobody should experience issues with recieving E-Mails from now on.

We will shortly make an option available to re-send validation E-Mails for everyone who did not get their Mail.

Yours sincerely,

D0ublek1ll - Mick
Owner and founder of
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Hey Guest we are having a big sale!

This whole week there will be a 30% sale on everything at our #store!
(Including unbans and tokens)

It will be from  26-09-2016 to 02-10-2016

You can check it out by clicking here!

We wish you happing shopping - D0ublek1ll and xiTzJardix.

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Hello Guest

Update: TheBridge is back online! The maps cliffs, pirates and castle are currently disabled but will be added again soon. Have Fun!

Due a mistake with a thebridge update we have to tell you that it will be offline for maximum 24 hours.
You can still play other minigames like domination, tntwars or skywars.

We can also assure you that when this is over there will be new maps and more than 5x tokens to earn!!!

Developer at McGamerZone
Posted by iGufGuf - 36 Comments
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Hello Guest,

We are going to release a new skin system next week!

In the newspost I made last week ( I asked you to send skins that we can add to the list of free skins.
We received a lot of skins, thank you all!

But... we need your help again, I made a two polls, one for the male skins, and one for the female skins. (Links below)
Everybody can vote once per poll, so be careful what you choose, you can't change it later.
The polls will stay open until next week, and after that, we will announce the results!


Good luck!

Developer at McGamerZone
Posted by thijs_a - 35 Comments
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