We released SurvivalGames and NanoBattles BETA! - To version 1.11!

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A Minecraft community with a passion for the impossible.

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McGamerzone is a 24/7 online minecraft community ran with love by xiTzMickx and xiTzJardix. We love to build, create and share in minecraft. Thats why we found McGamerZone.

Our servers are running on High-End hardware to ensure you get the best quality and connection possible, because of that we are able to handle more than 3000 players at once.
We are running some of our own minigames, like The Bridge, Survival Games, PartyGames, SkyWars, Factions and much more (to come)!

You are on the right place here.

That's !


Hello @Guest,

The fact that you are reading this means that we finally managed to update 2 other games to Minecraft 1.11. Yaay!
We know that it has been a long wait and not exactly what we promised. But anyhow, we are happy that we are closing in on being fully 1.11 compatible.

Survival 1.11:
Survival has been updated to 1.11. Adding a whole bunch of new blocks to use in your amazing builds. With this update comes also a new world, a new spawn and yes. A new shop.
Since survival is the first "normal" server we update to minecraft 1.11 some parts are still not functioning. They will be added later on.

+ Random teleportation villager
+ New shop
+ New spawn
+ Better performance
+ A lot of new 1.9,1.10 & 1.11 stuff
* Sadly no elytra (Yet)

As a final note for survial: Survival will actually drop support for minecraft 1.8 once we update The Bridge to minecraft 1.11. Currently we cannot allow users to use the elytra yet, this is because it will not work when there are people on version 1.8 online. Because we (And most others) think that the elytra is an awesome addition to minecraft survival we will make survival only playable for versions 1.9.*, 1.10.* and 1.11.*.

TnTWars 1.11:
Well, this update is not really that interesting. The game is now playable on minecraft 1.8 to minecraft 1.11.2. No further changes happened.

Regarding 1.12:
As many of you know: Minecraft version 1.12 was released yesterday by Mojang. Adding dyable beds, more brighter colors and a lot of other fun stuff to the game we all like to play. A lot of you have already been asking when we will be updating McGamerZone to this new exiting version of the game. The answer is very soon. Altough we will not be able to allow any of the new blocks and features to be used yet we will start allowing you to join the server with minecraft 1.12 as soon as possible. More details about this will follow as soon as we know more.

I hope you like the updates. We have more of them coming soon!

Yours sincerely,

The McGamerZone development team
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Announcement Top voters of May!
Hello Guest,

It is already a month past since we have last reset our montly vote list.
As you (may) know our "Top 5" voters receive a monthly reward for their contribution to our server.

Here are the top voters of May:
#1 - @BramTheMiner (310 Votes) - 25000 Tokens
#2 - @Kianos (265 Votes) - 15000 Tokens
#3 - @Diamond4luck (194 Votes) - 10000 Tokens
#4 - @JamesGm (189 Votes) - 5000 Tokens
#5 - @HordesofHell (179 Votes) - 5000 Tokens

They will receive their rewards shortly!

Happy voting!

xiTzMickx - Mick
Owner and founder of
Posted by xiTzMickx - 7 Comments
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Spotlight ChaosPvP Event

@Kianos and @ScapeX will be hosting a ChaosPvP round-robin based tournament. Round-robin is a tournament in which each competitor plays in turns against every other. The participants will have the opportunity to earn incredible prizes!

How it works:
  • There will be 4 groups, with all contestants evenly split amongst these.
  • Every Player will play against each other in his/hers group twice.
  • Each victory shall be awarded three points.
  • Two finalists will be chosen from each group, based on the amount of points they earn. All other fighters in the group will be knocked out of the tournament, but still receive a participation prize.
  • The two finalists from every group will be facing each other in the knockouts.
  • The knockouts will feature fights for the Quarter-finals, Semi-finals and Grand Finale.
  • The Grand Champion of the tournament will receive a significant reward!

If the number of contestants greatly exceeds the anticipated amount, the structure of the Tournament may be altered!


  1. Getting Knocked out in Groups: $500
  2. Getting Knocked out in Knockout Stages: $1000
  3. For every win in knockout stage: $200
  4. For topping your Group: $2000
  5. For being the runner-up in your Group: $1000
  6. For winning the competition: $15000 and a P4 diamond armour set
  7. For being the runner-up: $10000
  8. For coming 3rd place: $5000

All prize funds are paid out in ChaosPvP money, kindly sponsored by @HetIsJoey !

To apply for participation, post a comment on this forum topic containing:
   Discord Tag:
   A motivational message for every other contestant. (Could be as simple as Good luck!)

This competition is to engage the community with each other and to have fun!
We are looking forward to your applies.

The best fighter is never angry.

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