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Community Rules

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Without rules, any multiplayer game will be chaotic. In order to keep the gameplay smooth, nice and allow for fair game-play for everyone, we have setup the rules for McGamerZone.

It is advisable for all players to read these rules to prevent any confusion. Most of the rules can be deduced from common sense. Therefore it should be very easy to follow them.

These rules may be modified anytime, so it would be intelligent to check this page from time to time.

It is also possible to receive punishment for offences not listed on this page at the discretion of a staff member.
If you feel the action is inappropriate, you may appeal here

You will be punished even if you are caught with the intention of breaking any rule.

Punishment system

We use a system called BSS (Bad sport system) to punish players, which takes into account the player's history as well. Please refer to the FAQ for more information.

1: Global rules

The rules listed below are applicable to all of the network, including teamspeak and website, unless specified.

1.1: Chat offenses

1.1.1: Spamming/flooding chat (Including pms) is not allowed
Sending too many similar messages is very annoying. The punishment varies with the amount of spam messages sent.

Using excessive amount of capslock is not allowed. However, players will not be punished unless it is used in an abusive way which will annoy others.

1.1.3: Hackusation and Accusing of breaking rules in public chat.
Hackusating means accusing another player of hacking. It is not allowed because it yields nothing and make things worse (They will disable their hacks). The right mode of action is recording them red handed and reporting through the ticket system(With video evidence) or calling a staff member (Using private messages if they are online). Contacting them on skype is not the right thing to do.
P.S accusing staff members of abuse also follows this path. If you have evidence, please use the website to report it.
If you found a player breaking rules, please report them instead of accusing them in public chat.

1.1.4: Discrimination/Hate speech is not allowed
Please respect all players regardless of race, religion, belief, gender or country.

1.1.5: Disrespecting/being rude/abusive is not allowed.
You have to be respectful to all players even if you disagree with them. They are humans too, and have feeling as well, after all.
You are not allowed to make derogatory remarks even in competitive games. You can, however, express your anger and frustrations while playing if it does not break any of the rules.

1.1.6: Using swear or inappropriate words (18+) and Harrasement is not allowed.
This includes, but is not limited to, sexual content, drugs, violence, self-harm, and dark humour.
These kinds of behavior has no place in our servers.

1.1.7: Discussing religons is not allowed.
McGamerZone is a minecraft server and in Minecraft, there are no religions. So please refrain from mentioning religions because it usually ends up offending people.

1.1.8: Whining is not allowed.
This means complaining constantly. If you have any complaints, feel free to make a ticket. Do not whine on chat.

1.1.9: Annoying/Trolling is not allowed.
Repeated attempts at trolling or annoying players is not allowed. If they ask you to stop, stop. Continuing will be punishable.

1.1.10: Impersonating staff is not allowed.
If you want to be staff, feel free to apply at the website. However, if you are not, please don't try to act as a staff member. You can of course enforce the rules, but saying things such as "I will ban you" is not allowed.

1.1.11: Asking for items/ranks from staff members is not allowed.
They will not abuse for you. You should play and earn items yourself. The sense of accomplishment when working hard yourself is invaluable, trust me.
If we think you deserve a rank, we will contact you.

1.1.12: Advertisement
Advertising non-minecraft related services in chat - in either messages or public chat - is not allowed. In this context, advertisement is defined as sending too many such messages in chat.
Casually mentioning your youtube channel is allowed.
Mentioning the name or IP of other minecraft servers is not allowed in game chat (Including pms).

1.1.13: Threatening behavior is not allowed
Threatening to harm a player in real life, threatening to take down the server, and other such behavior not related to the game itself is not allowed. This doesn't mean, however, that you cannot
threaten to kill them in ChaosPvP or bridge because it is related to the game.

1.1.14: Ignoring staff members is not allowed
Staff members are there to help you. If you deliberately ignore them when it comes to moderation, they have the right to punish you.

1.1.15: Revealing personal information of players is not allowed
We do not require the identity cards of players, which means they have the right to remain anonymous. Therefore revealing personal information without their consent in any way is punishable.
However, revealing IP adress, home address and other information which could be used to pinpoint the human controlling the account is not allowed either for yourself or any other player.

1.1.16: Discussing hacks is not allowed
This includes, but is not limited to: mentioning names of hacked clients and encouraging use of hacks.

1.2: Game-play offenses

1.2.1: Usage of modifications to Minecraft, of any form, (Mods, hacks, macros, textures) which directly affect game-play, are not allowed.
This gives you a clear advantage over other players, turning the game unfair for others.
Mods listed below are exceptions and are allowed:
  • Mods shows your own data such as ping, FPS, direction, armor and potion status
  • Mods with brightness adjustments

Minimap mods are only allowed if they don't show data about entities and underground systems.
Convenience mods such as toggle-sprint, toggle-sneak and auto-click are not allowed.
All macro mods are forbidden.
You will be punished if you admit using these.

A list of certainly allowed mods can be found here.
If you have doubts if a mod you want to use is allowed you should create a support ticket.

1.2.2: Exploiting bugs and glitches is not allowed
Bugs are supposed to be fixed as soon as they are discovered because clearly, developers do not intend them to be there in the first place, hence termed bug.
Exploiting bugs usually gives you an advantage over other players who don't exploit it. Therefore it is not allowed under any circumstance.

1.2.3: Accessing accounts which do not belong to you. is not allowed
This will be considered thievery and will hence be punished.

1.2.4: Abusing "Session login" is not allowed

1.2.5: Account names, pet names, and words built in game follows the chat rules.

1.2.6: Building inappropriate structures is not allowed.

1.2.7: Using sexually explicit skins or capes is not allowed

1.2.8: Imitating sexual behavior using your steve/alex is not allowed

1.2.9: Evading bans is not allowed
We ban you for a reason. Therefore, trying to circumvent it by any means will be punishable.

1.2.10: Selling accounts, real-life items or ingame items for any sort of real-life currency is not allowed
Trading with real-life money inside MGZ is not allowed because we cannot guarantee if it will be reliable or you get your item at all. If you feel like trading, feel free to do it outside any of MGZ services.

1.2.11: Scamming players is not allowed

1.2.12: Griefing is not allowed

1.2.13: Trolling players is not allowed
Trolling = making it difficult for the player in question to play the game.
This includes, but is not limited to, putting blocks in their way, trapping them, drowning them, etc.
This rule does not apply when the player is an enemy in a competitive game

1.2.15: For team games, helping the other team in any way, or form is not allowed.

2: Server specific rules

The rules mentioned below takes precedence over global rules.

2.1: Teamspeak

2.1.1: Using inappropriate avatars is not allowed.

2.2: Factions

2.2.1: Scamming is allowed
2.2.2: Griefing is allowed but not near server spawn

2.3: Prison

2.3.1: Scamming is allowed